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Check out Patrick's listings on IMDb: Patrick Gorman Profile


    Not a vampire this time but a Colonel during the Korean War dealing with a strange young G.I. who has gotten himself into deep trouble.
  • GQ Photo Spread as ‘Jonah’ – as in the ark. Fun.


    Life is more complicated than it seems. Fantasy or reality? Patrick is the not so perfect father to the troubled lead, Ryan de Quintal. Directed by Francisco Ramirez.
    A family tragedy forces Lily, Jillian O’Neil (writer/director) to revisit the past she left behind. It is a family reunion filled with anger, forgiveness, lost love, and farewells. Lily struggles to finally find peace with her past. Where does true love reside? Patrick is the ailing Veteran & War historian father.
  • The Train Station
    (Tentative Title for this Story Project film)
    A collaborative feature film conceived and produced around the world, THE TRAIN STATION follows a man and the decisions he is forced to make after realizing that his train has been diverted elsewhere. Each choice lands this lead character in a new city facing yet another new challenge. As he navigates his consequences and their obstacles it becomes more and more obvious that with all seemingly great decisions come great responsibility. Directed by Todd Felderstein with Patrick as one of the decision challenged leads.
  • Poseidon the God of the Sea in a Vitamin Water commercial.
    Bryan Ferriter’s first time directing of his original story of humans who massacred their race, wrote them out of history, and pushed them into myth... Now in the midst of a Vampire civil war, an exiled Vampire prince has escaped into the mountains of the new America, building a hidden army for revenge against his family. Patrick is a Vampire Oracle who is gradually fading away.


    After Jesse James is wounded by a bullet to the chest, Frank James splits the gang up and plans a rendezvous in four days time. With U.S.-Marshall Kane in hot pursuit, and betrayal within the outlaw band, the stage is set for a blazing and climactic shootout in the deserted town of 'Gila Wells'. Directed by Fred Olen Ray, Patrick is a suspecting small town Bartender.


    A Japanese man comes back to the U.S. to find his child from a marriage to an American woman and to revisit his past. Directed by Teppei Nakamura, starring Tsuyoshi Ihara (Baron Nishi) of Eastwood’s Letters from Iwo Jima. Patrick played Ihara’s old friend.

Summer - Winter 2009

    I am "Mack" the token white in an all black poker game.
    View the series at: www.youtube.com/tedl3

  • I am "Marcus" the homeless guy in DISFIGURED.  Grand Jury Prize Oklahoma City Dead Center Film Festival.  On DVD & Netflix.

  • Short Track Movie Trailer – Pops Beckett watch on YouTube!

  • KING OF THE ROAD – "Panhead McCoy"– Biker Ghost and Narrator. Shot in the Pittsburgh area for ten days of fun. Premieres at Paramount Studios in October.

  • A JOYFUL PLACE – "Ethan’s dad." A Swedish produced, directed film in Hollywood.
  • A LITTLE STEP – "Tom", friend and mentor to the lead, Tsuyoshi Ihara. Japanese produced, directed, starred, filmed in Hollywood. (Ihara-san was ‘Baron Nishi’ in Eastwood’s LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA). Showing at Festivals in Japan.

  • THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, directed and starring C. Thomas Howell. I'm 'Conrad' the Irish sea captain long lost on the island. Now On DVD!

  • CHRYSLER commercial MONUMENT/HERO. I'm the general who comes to life! (Spanish Language).



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